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Our products are all built to the highest quality standards and engineered to ensure optimal performance for all applications.As we produce all of our solutions ourselves, we can offer you total customisation. This means that you can specify exact measurements, add your own branding, and much more. To learn about our offerings or to speak to a Duraflex team member, please contact us at 0291338792.


At Duraflex, we manufacture and supply a range of sound barriers, environmental solutions, and screens. All are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and to ensure maximum performance

They are also fully customisable, so you can add your own branding, specify exact measurements, and more. Please contact us on 02 9133 8792 to speak to a member of the Duraflex team.

Australia’s Best Series of Industrial and Commercial Solutions 

Here at Duraflex, we offer a leading line of acoustic and noise control solutions for industrial and commercial uses.
If the designer of your space did not consider acoustics, the resulting environment could be highly unpleasant to work or socialise in. Poorly arranged acoustics can create loud, distracting settings where it is difficult to communicate effectively.
In contrast, a well-designed solution can create an inviting space protected from external and internal noise pollution.

Our Noise Control Panels and Tiles

There is a wide range of acoustic products available in the market. They include sturdy, durable acoustic panels and tiles, such as the ones produced here at Duraflex AU.
Such core acoustic components can form part of a comprehensive noise protection solution, especially for commercial and industrial areas, to screen off noisy equipment or spaces and keep out excess sound.
Our acoustic panels and tiles are entirely customisable and transparent, offering unparalleled visibility into an area while ensuring that undesired sound is kept out. To learn more about our noise control panels, Just click here.


For A Small Factory Room Or Large Outdoor Space

You can also find acoustic screens, acoustic insulation, and sometimes even acoustic furniture options. The right solution for your soundproofing needs depends on various factors, including the intended use of your space, its size, and the type of sound you need to restrict.
If you have an extensive commercial operation you need acoustic solutions for, or if you would like to discuss which of our noise proofing products would be best for your needs, please contact the Duraflex team at 0291338792. We’re happy to take your questions and advise you on how you can make the most out of our Hushtec range.


Your Answers To Anything Acoustic

Managing noise levels in large spaces is essential for maximising enjoyment and productivity and allowing the area to fulfil its basic functions. For these reasons, acoustic solutions are a crucial consideration for many sectors, including offices, retail, hospitality, and even schools.
Adequate soundproofing is also vital in industrial applications, manufacturing, and construction. This is especially the case if you need to remain compliant with local and national government regulation, follow stipulations in a contract about noise proofing, or avoid complaints from the neighbours about unacceptable sound levels. Plus, excessive levels of noise produced by heavy equipment and machinery can also pose a risk to the health and safety of your staff.

How Acoustic Foam Panels Can Help You

Acoustic panels can make an extensive impact on the quality of a space. Here is a brief overview of the benefits they can offer and why they are worth considering for your applications:

1. Better for Management and Visitors

Management staff may often need to visit a construction site or event grounds to ensure that the project is going according to plan or to assess issues that have arisen throughout its lifespan. However, large amounts of background noise can severely disrupt their work. It also isn’t always practical or feasible to shut down equipment or performances for administrative work. In such a situation, our Duraflex soundproofing panel range is an excellent solution.
Suitable acoustic control equipment can help mitigate this by reducing the amount of noise that enters on-site offices or cordoning off loud machinery. This is vital if your management staff need to have discussions or if you have visitors to your site, such as clients or building inspectors.
Acoustic panels can also be used to separate your event’s food and beverage service from the main performance arena. Allow guests to browse food cart collections and bars without the disruption of noise from the main stage. When attendees can eat and drink in peace, they’ll be more inclined to stay around the hospitality area longer, which could potentially increase sale numbers at your event.

2. Boost Worker Productivity

Loud noise within construction sites and industrial facilities can be highly distracting and affect your workers’ focus. Studies have shown that repeated exposure to high sound levels can affect concentration, damaging your workers’ performance and, therefore, productivity.
Adequate noise control panel arrangements can thus help place concentration on the task at hand. This boost to focus levels is especially important if your workers deal with sensitive equipment or precise measurements where accuracy is of paramount importance. The costs of having to redo large sections of a project can be significantly damaging to both the timeline and budget.
In contrast, with soundproofing panels, your workers will be able to get work done without being affected by the inevitable noise produced by industrial or construction equipment. Separate the planning room from the factory floor, move your projects along without unnecessary delays, and improve the end product and, therefore, client satisfaction.

3. Increase Site Safety

Generators, engines and other forms of loud machinery can create an immense amount of noise, especially in industrial areas, factories, and construction sites.
This noise can be damaging to the health and safety of your staff, as long-term exposure to excessively high levels of noise can cause hearing loss, as well as other physical and mental complaints. When workers cannot communicate effectively or offer instructions or warnings to those operating machinery, accidents are also more likely to occur.
Minimising noise will help you create a more secure work environment. Doing so will reduce the chances of staff being off the job due to accidents, the need to shut down equipment, or even running into regulatory compliance or legal issues.
Do you have any questions about our acoustic control and soundproofing products? Please get in touch with the specialists here at Duraflex. We’ve provided comprehensive noise control solutions to customers across New Zealand and Australia and want to use this expertise to help your operations.
Contact us at 0291338792 for a no-obligation quote or to discuss which of our range of acoustic panelling products is best for your needs

Key Questions To Consider When Purchasing Acoustic Panels

It can be challenging to know exactly which acoustic panels to purchase for your operations. That is why we have included the following guidelines to help you work out your needs and make the best decisions for your space or project.

What Do You Need An Acoustic Product For?

No two spaces are quite the same. That is why it is essential to determine what you want to achieve using your new noise control equipment.
Are you trying to trap noise within a particular space? Do you want to prevent construction sound from travelling from a site into a surrounding neighbourhood? Are you trying to minimise echoes in a concert arena for better sound quality?
These are all examples of questions you can ask yourself when reflecting on the intended use of your soundproofing solution. A thorough understanding of your goals will help you pick out the best products to achieve them.

What Are You Trying To Soundproof?

The next step is to determine precisely what it is you are trying to soundproof. Do you plan to create an acoustic wall around a particularly noisy piece of equipment? Are you going to surround an entire site or factory? Are you placing a division between an event and the neighbourhood around it?
Knowing how you’ll use your acoustic panels will help you plan how many you’ll need to purchase and what size you’ll want. Here at Duraflex, we offer total customisation of our acoustic solutions. That means we can manufacture panels designed to the dimensions you need and include additional features like your branding. We’ll work with you to create a solution tailored specifically to your requirements.

Better than Whiteboards or Pinboards

Our series of acoustic panel solutions is excellent for diverse noise proofing uses. They’ll help reduce the amount of undesired noise entering or leaving a site.
The Duraflex team will work with you to build the answer to your noise problems. Just contact our team at 0291338792 to discuss the options available or to learn more today.

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