Greentec Environmental Au

Greentec Environmental Au

We all have a responsibility to look after the environment. While some of these obligations come from the need to meet and be compliant with federal, national and industrial regulations,Greentec Environmental that isn’t the only reason to invest in our line of Greentec Environmental AU solutions.

The importance of being eco-conscious

Australia’s landscape is one of the world’s most unique. Many of our rare indigenous flora and fauna grow nowhere else. That’s why your business must take the necessary steps to contribute to its protection.

The modern way of life and doing business places an intense drain on our natural resources and can often have damaging effects on our ecosystem. To combat this, the Duraflex team designed our Greentec Environmental AU range. We want to protect our country and planet for our children and their children, too.

Your customers are also becoming increasingly conscious about the firms they do business with. Many clients now insist that partner companies and providers follow proper environmental practices and maintain high ecological standards, especially in construction work. Our Greentec environmental solutions can help you protect your business and ensure that it keeps pace with changing customer expectations. Just read on for information about our range of products, or contact the team at 0291338792 with any questions.

Specialist Expertise

We bring years of industry experience to crafting all of our leading ecological solutions. We’ve developed products for customers across Australia and the world, and know what works.

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Progress and Innovation

Our cutting-edge products have been designed to meet unique environmental needs. There is a specialised piece of Greentec Environmental AU technology for any need, whether you’re looking to handle sediment outflow from a site, contain oil spills, or remove water-borne pollutants.

Value For Money

The skilled team at Duraflex eliminates the middleman, making your money go further. With all our manufacturing taking place exclusively in-house, we can also offer you customised solutions tailored entirely to your needs. Pay for a single, lasting solution

Meet The Greentec Family

All our products are designed with specific functions in mind. They will help you comply with local regulations and your customers’ needs. Minimise the environmental impact of your project with our Greentec Environmental AU solutions, and help safeguard and protect our rare and beautiful planet. Get in touch with us at 0291338792 for a free quote today.


Gross Pollutant

Every product has been designed with a specific, targeted function in mind. This includes separating contaminants from wastewater, isolating water-borne pollutants until they can be appropriately dealt with and disposed of, or directing water flows away from certain areas

Net Catch

Our Net Catch products will help you trap and remove water-borne pollutants and contaminants. That way, you’ll ensure that only clean water enters our waterways

Culvert Flumes

Our open culvert flumes will help you control the direction of water as it exits a culvert. These easy-to-use, low-cost solutions will help you prevent soil erosion in the surrounding area and ensure that water is transported to a safe exit.

Oil Booms

Temporary floating oil booms will go a long way in helping make recovery from oil spills easier. Contain the spread of oil in the water, protect sensitive sites and make it easier for clean-up work to begin.

Turbidity Barriers

Effectively trap and contain sediment and debris within a body of water using these floating barriers. Duraflex AU turbidity barriers are perfect for construction sites taking place near waterways. Our Greentec Environmental AU range will ensure that your project is compliant with environmental protection regulations.

So if you have industrial projects or construction planned, look no further than Duraflex for all your ecological needs. Our solutions will help you ensure that your waste products are properly and safely disposed of, that you are compliant with client requirements, and that the local ecosystem is kept safe and protected. Doing so will be highly beneficial for your business’ bottom line and your conscience as well.

Would you like to learn more about how our products can help your projects? The Duraflex team is more than happy to help. Please give us a call at 0291338792 for a free, no-obligation quote for our line of Greentec Environmental AU solutions. By playing your part, you can make a difference.