Greentec Environmental Au

Greentec Environmental Au

We all have a responsibility to look after the environment. Some of those responsibilities come from regulations, but we must also go further than this. Australia,Greentec Environmental and the planet more generally, need us to take a more environmentally friendly approach in everything, but there is also a commercial motivation as customers increasingly insist on good environmental standards in the companies they buy from and do business with.

Greentec Environmental

The GreenTec range of environmental solutions will help you ensure you comply with all regulations in addition to helping you go further.

Gross Pollutant

All our products are designed with a specific and very important function in mind, whether that is to clean water from contaminants, control contaminants in water until they can be dealt with, or direct water away from certain areas.

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The GreenTec Range

  • Remove contaminants from water before it goes into waterways with Net Catch
  • Remove silt, sand, and mud from water during drainage operations with our Dewatering Bags
  • Trap pollutants as they enter drains to stop them from getting into waterways with Drain Warden
  • Control the direction of water coming out of a culvert with our Culvert Flumes
  • Control the flow of water on a site with our Silt Sock
  • Contain oil spills with our Oil Booms
  • Trap sediment and debris with our Turbidity Barriers

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