Construction Noise Barrier

Construction Noise Barrier

The Thin Noise Barrier You’ve Been Looking For

Many noise barriers on the market are heavy duty. This means they can be cumbersome to use and store, they can be physically heavy, and they can take up a lot of space. Thin noise barriers, on the other hand, don’t usually deliver the standard of performance you need – except our Elite Series Noise Barrier, that is.

Construction Noise Fence

The Elite Series Noise Barrier delivers on all your requirements:

  • It’s thin and lightweight – the Elite Series is just 5mm think
  • It delivers excellent performance – despite being ultra-thin, the Elite Series Noise Barrier has an STC25 noise rating

As a result, our Elite Series Noise Barrier is used in a wide range of applications. This includes noise sensitive environments where there is ongoing construction. Examples include hospitals, schools, office environments, government buildings, and more. With our thin noise barrier solution, people in these situations and environments suffer significantly less disruption from the building work.

Why Choose Us for Your Noise Barrier Solution?

Apart from the fact our Elite Series is a thin noise barrier solution that is highly effective, you should also choose Duraflex because of the durability of the products we produce. We use the best materials and have extensive experience in manufacturing noise reduction products.

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