Open Channel Flume

Open Channel Flume

Prevent Soil Erosion With An Open Channel Flume

A culvert is an open structure that allows water to flow underneath an obstruction such as a road, railway, or trail. It is typically embedded, meaning that it is surrounded by soil, keeping it secured. However,Culvert Flume when water exits the culvert, it inevitably causes erosion of the soil around and underneath the mouth of the culvert. This can result in significant consequences for the local environment. But an open channel flume can go a long way in mitigating this damage.

How A Culvert Flume Works

A culvert flume, also known as a culvert sock, is a specially shaped, human-made channel that is used to control the flow of low to medium pressure water.

It is usually made using a high-quality virgin polyethylene with a high UV rating. That allows it to stand up against the effects of weather and climate, even in Australia’s harsh environment.
By installing a flume at the end of your culvert, you can redirect the outflow of water to a preferred exit point, which makes a big difference in preventing soil erosion.

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The Advantages Duraflex A Culvert Flume Can Offer You

An open channel flume is one of the best types of fluming available on the market, for several reasons:


Alternatives like half-pipe fluming are far more expensive, both to purchase and install. In contrast, open channel fluming can be installed by one man, in less than an hour! That means you’ll save money on the price of the flume itself, the labour, and the disruption caused by the installation. You could even save on utility bills by directing water through the flume for irrigation.

Reduced Risk of Soil Erosion

You can greatly reduce the extent of soil erosion by installing an open channel flume at the exit of your culvert. This is very important for several reasons.

Accelerated soil erosion can have numerous harmful effects on the environment. It involves the movement of the uppermost layer of soil – what’s known as ‘topsoil’ – in a way that causes it to deteriorate in the long term.

Soil erosion causes the remaining layers of soil to lose its infiltration capacity. This means that more water gets lost from the ecosystem. This can lead to increased flooding, and also make it harder for plants to grow, causing environmental damage. The lack of vegetation can also make it difficult for animals lower in the food chain to find sufficient food. As you can see, installing an open channel flume can help avoid devastating consequences throughout the ecosystem.

Topsoil takes thousands of years to regenerate. That is why it is very important to do everything within our power to ensure that it is protected, which includes avoiding activities that cause or contribute to accelerated soil erosion.

For these reasons, installing open channel fluming offers numerous environmental benefits:

  • Preserve fertile land
  • Avoid pollution and sedimentation to streams and rivers
  • Reduce the risk of flooding
  • Protect Australia’s rare coral reefs


Easy Assembly

Duraflex flumes attach to the end of your culvert with certified eyelets and steel straps. You then lay the Greentec open channel flume along the ground, anchoring it as you go, until you reach a point where you believe it is safe for the water to exit. That’s all you need to do to install the flume.

Reliability and Durability

You don’t want to spend time and money replacing your infrastructure year after year. That’s why each of our flumes is constructed with a heavy-duty and UV-stable ripstop material.

Ripstop is used in devices that need to withstand harsh environmental conditions, from camping gear to parachutes, to even army combat uniforms! This ensures a 10-year usable life before any reduction in performance in the Duraflex open channel flume, including in the harsh, unpredictable Australian climate.


Total customisability

Our culvert flumes are available in any length, diameter, and width you need to suit diverse culverts and pipelines. We can also supply our flumes in whatever colour you might need them in, whether to suit your branding or blend into the environment.

Duraflex Greentec open channel flumingl is an excellent solution to reduce damage to the local environment, both in the short- and long-term. Contact us at 0291338792 to speak to a friendly, professional member of our team today to get more information or a free, no-obligation quote for your Greentec open channel flume.