Open Channel Flume

Open Channel Flume

Open Channel Flume

Preventing Soil Erosion with a Culvert Flume

Water exiting a culvert inevitably causes erosion to the ground in the immediate vicinity of the culvert as the water disperses. This can cause a significant negative impact on the local environment. Culvert FlumeOur flumes, however, are the easy to use, low-cost, and highly effective solution.

They attach to the end of your culvert with certified eyelets and steel straps. You then lay the flume along the ground, anchoring it as you go, to a point where you believe it is safe for the water to exit. This is usually into an existing waterway such as a river.

Culvert Flume

In other words, once the culvert is fitted, water flows out of the culvert and through the flume to the safe exit location, causing no damage to the local environment whatsoever. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more.

Available in Any OD Size

You can get our culvert flumes in any length you need. They are also available in any diameter to go around the culvert, and in any width. We can supply our flumes in whatever colour you need too.

The material used in our flumes is a heavy duty and UV stable ripstop material that gives the product a 10-year useable life before you will see any reduction in performance.

Get a free, no-obligation quote for your culvert flume requirements by contacting us today on 02 9133 8792.