Rock Breaker Attachments

Rock Breaker Attachments

Rock Breaker Attachments

If your project requires the use of a rock breaker, this is going to mean additional noise. However, there are ways you can control the sound produced, reducing the disruption it causes to you, your team, Rock Breaker Attachments and others close to the work environment. Here at Duraflex, we offer a range of rock breaker attachments with impressive noise reduction properties.
These soundproofing solutions are capable of significantly reducing the noise levels your rock breaker produces. What’s more, they are compatible with all major makes and models of rock breakers.

Our team is also happy to work with you to create a customised solution if you have specific requirements for your project.

All our rock breaker noise reduction attachments have been designed with optimal acoustic control performance in mind. That’s why we manufacture them with the best materials available.

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What Is A Rock Breaker?

A rock breaker is a type of machine that is designed, as the name suggests, to break large rocks into smaller pieces. They are commonly used on construction projects or for landscaping to break apart very big rocks that cannot be easily removed.

They come in both stationary and mobile variants. The latter is usually preferred due to its versatility. There are a wide variety of rock breakers available on the market today, depending on the function.This can be anything from clearing immense rocks from a mine to helping geologists remove dust from fossils. This means that there are many options for rock breaker attachments available as well, depending on the specific needs of a project.

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6 Advantages of Using Hushtec Noise Reduction Solutions

Minimise Noise

Our Hushtec soundproofing attachments will minimise noise for your workers, nearby residents, and businesses. This will keep you in your neighbours’ good books and fulfil your health and safety regulations.

Benefit the Environment

By reducing the noise produced on your site, you can also reduce your project’s impact on local wildlife.

Specialist Experience

With years spent working in the noise reduction industry, we bring considerable technical expertise to all our products. When you choose Duraflex for your rock breaker noise reduction attachments, you’re getting solutions crafted by a team that knows what works.

Excellent Quality

We manufacture all our noise control products and rock breaker attachments in-house. That allows us to ensure that we meet high quality standards throughout every step of the production process. Our on-site manufacturing approach is also why we can offer you custom rock breaker noise reduction solutions.


Our products are highly cost-effective, especially since we handle the entire manufacturing process ourselves. This means no waiting for suppliers or negotiating around delays. That’s why we can provide you with solutions that work great at excellent prices.

Features Of Our Rock Breaker Soundproofing Attachments

If you are in the demolition industry, you know how noisy rock breakers and rock breaker attachments can be. This means that if you are looking at options for noise control and soundproofing, the accessories you are considering must take into account the various earthmoving, landscaping, and construction tasks rock breakers are used for. These jobs can range from breaking concrete to compacting materials.

This heavy, high-impact, hammering work means that powerful noise is inevitable. That’s why we’ve crafted powerful, durable rock breaker noise control attachments that are versatile for a range of applications, industries, and sites.

Here are just some of the many features offered by our Duraflex Hushtec series of acoustic controlling rock breaker attachments:

  • Reduces noise, dust, and flying bits of debris
  • Maximum reduction measured at 13dBA at an 8m distance from the rock breaker
  • Noticeable difference of noise to the human ear
  • Custom manufactured, making them suitable for various applications
  • Durable, fire-retardant, and water-resistant
  • Easy to install and remove – as fast as one minute
  • Customised branding and colours available

When you combine our attachments with our other noise reduction technology, like our acoustic fences, you’ll get a comprehensive system that works effectively to reduce noise on your site.

This means you’ll be able to get more work done, comply better with local regulations, and ensure that you meet your environmental and health and safety commitments.
To get a quote for our rock breaker attachments, please get in touch with our team at 02 9133 8792.