Portable Noise Barrier

Portable Noise Barrier

Portable Noise Barrier

If a generator is a crucial part of keeping your business going, portable noise barrier then you will know first-hand just how noisy it can be when it is operational. You might feel like you, your staff, and your customers have no choice but to simply put up with the noise if you want to keep both your generator and your business running. However, there’s another solution available, and it’s a HushGen portable noise barrier.

Our HushGen Barriers

The team at Duraflex know that generator noise can be both deafening and disruptive. That’s why we’ve developed our HushGen line of noise barriers. These soundproofing systems are highly effective at both reducing and absorbing excess noise created by your generator. This will mitigate the dangerous effects of excessively high noise levels, which can range from damage to hearing, to reduced focus, to even heart problems.

These barriers are affordable, highly-effective, and suited to and safe for any make and model of generator. What’s more, we offer fully customised designs available, including adding branding to a portable noise barrier. We can manufacture barriers entirely tailored to the size and specifications you need. That’s why we’re your one-stop-shop for all industrial noise control solutions in Australia.

At Duraflex, we know that pumps can be both as important a piece of infrastructure as a generator – and as noisy. For that reason, our expert team also designs and manufactures noise barriers specifically created for pumps.

A HushGen pump and generator soundproofing system can reduce the noise created by your equipment, protecting the hearing, concentration, and comfort of those within earshot of your pump or generator, whether they’re your staff, customers, or simple passers-by.

If you would like to learn more about our HushGen portable noise barrier range and to get a free, no-obligation quote, call us at 0291338792 today.

Generators Are Noisier Than You Think

Diesel savings offer a wide range of benefits. These include fuel savings, high levels of reliability, low maintenance costs and extended lifespans. For these reasons, these machines have become a popular choice as backup sources of power for diverse applications. These include industrial warehouses and factories, commercial stores and buildings, and even residential homes too. However, these power-generating power horses come with an unfortunate downside, and that is the high amount of noise they produce while they are in operation. This is why a portable noise barrier is therefore an important investment if you plan to regularly use a generator on your site.


Even a 50kW diesel generator can produce around 85 decibels of noise. For context, that’s as loud as city traffic. A larger, more powerful generator, like a 1500kW engine, can be as noisy as a jet plane 1000 feet above the human head. That’s not just loud – noise of that intensity is dangerous to workers on your site.
For this reason, investing in practical noise barriers for your generator is essential. This is especially vital if you are working on a commercial or industrial project, as environmental regulations are increasingly restricting your permitted amount of excess noise.

A portable noise barrier can also protect the health of you and your staff. Constant exposure to loud noises can also cause hearing loss over time – certainly a highly undesirable side effect

The Benefits Of Portable Noise Control Barriers

Our HushGen noise barriers are an excellent tool for controlling and reducing unwanted noise. They offer a range of additional benefits, including:


These fully-mobile barriers effectively reduce and absorb unwanted noise. As they come in a range of customisable configurations and are designed to be moved, they can be used for various industrial and commercial sites and projects.

Noise Elimination

Instead of simply reflecting sound elsewhere, which could potentially lead to new noise-related problems, a Duraflex portable noise barrier actually absorbs the sound waves that hit it, ensuring noise elimination.


Our barriers are portable, which means they can be positioned to isolate a given source of noise. Once they are no longer needed, they can easily be relocated to a different site. This means that a single HushGen barrier solution can provide you with years of effectiveness.
For a free, no-obligation quote, or to learn more about our HushGen range of portable noise barrier systems, get in touch with our team at 0291338792.