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Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions

Drain Warden – The Drain Trap You’ve Been Looking For

If you discharge water directly into a drain, there is a high risk it will contain contaminants that are not good for Australia’s waterways. This includes debris, sediment, and oil. Drainage SystemThe solution is to fit a drain tap to trap these pollutants and contaminants, effectively cleaning the water before it goes further into the drainage system.

Drainage System

Drain Warden is the drain trap solution you have been looking for. It is made to the same
high standards that you have come to expect from Duraflex, with high-quality materials, a design focused on optimal levels of performance, and a highly efficient manufacturing process.

This makes our products strong, robust, and durable. Find out more about Drain Water by contacting a member of our specialist team today.

Drain Trap Sizes Available

We have standard size drain traps available at Duraflex. This includes:

  • Drain Warden drain traps with a 600mm drop
  • Drain Warden drain traps with a 250mm drop

In addition, we can also customise our drain traps. This means you can get any size you need.

Whatever option you choose, your drain trap will be made with a top-quality polypropylene fabric.

To discuss your requirements and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please call us on 02 9133 8792.