Dewatering Filter Bag

Dewatering Filter Bag

Dewatering Filter Bag

When you pump water away from a low-lying, water-sodden or swampy site, dirt, sand, and silt get washed away along with the flow of water. This contaminated water will then often be discharged directly into a drain and right into Australia’s waterways. To avoid resulting damage to the sewer system and our marine environment, we recommend using a dewatering filter bag.
dewatering bag
They’re a great way to keep contaminants out of your drains, ensuring that only clean water is discharged from your site and into neighbouring waterways. To learn more about our dewatering bags and Greentec line of environmental products, please contact a member of our team at 0291338792

How Dewatering Filter Bags Work

Dewatering bags use inward pressure to provided enclosed dewatering. This means that while turbid water flows in, sediments remain contained within the bag and only clean water flows out.

At Duraflex, we can work with you to meet your specific requirements for filtering silt, sediment, and sludge for both on site and field operations with a custom-manufactured dewatering filter bag solution.

The Uses Of A Dewatering Bag

Greentec dewatering bags for silt, sludge, and sediment have multiple industrial and environmental applications. They can be used on a range of construction projects and work sites, including:

  • Municipal Wastewater Works
  • Agricultural Pond Pumping and Dredging
  • Industrial Pond Pumping and Dredging
  • Waterway Remediation
  • Power Plant Cooling Tower Sludge
  • Plant Turnaround and Construction Projects

Why Choose A Sediment Bag?

Dewatering bags are highly effective in cleaning contaminants from water pumped out during dewatering operations. Their construction and flexible use mean that they enable easy, efficient dewatering in hard to access areas.

They also make post-construction clean-up easier, as solids are easily contained for appropriate disposal. When you use a dewatering filter bag, you will save time and labour that can be better expended on ensuring work goes smoothly.

Avoid causing environmental problems and breaching environmental consent or building regulations by containing mud, dirt, and debris from dewatering projects. A dewatering bag can be an important investment against an undesirable fine.

Dewatering bags are effective, economical, and eco-friendly solutions to your problems. They can ensure that only water escapes to the ground or nearby storm drains.

Protect surrounding streams, property, storm sewers and minimise erosion and its associated risks with these easy-to-use solutions

Duraflex AU Is The Best Choice For Dewatering Filter Bags

Powerful geotextile construction

Every Duraflex dewatering filter bag is manufactured using a high-quality geotextile fabric. This has been specially designed to control particle discharge for your dewatering operations. Solids will be retained within the bag while water is effectively filtered through the material.This ensures that the bags bring maximum performance to environmental applications while remaining strong and durable, even against Australia’s harsh climate.
Our choice of material ensures that clogging of our solids is minimised as water slowly seeps out from the bag. As water drains away, the collected solids can be easily gathered and removed from the site. What’s more, after filling and dewatering takes place, residual water vapour continues to escape through the bag’s pores.

This allows fine grained soils to continue to consolidate in the Duraflex Greentec dewatering filter bag through dessication, making it even easier to finally dispose of the accumulated waste.

This strong construction comes with ease of use. They can be deployed with minimal effort or delay. This will allow your staff to save time trying to operate or deploy the bag and focus their energy on making sure your project keeps on moving.

Bespoke customisation options

We have a range of standard-size dewatering bags, which are ready for fast dispatch off-the-shelf. However, we can also create dewatering bags designed to your requirements. Delivery will take slightly longer as they have to be custom manufactured, but you are guaranteed to receive high quality and performance tailored to your needs.

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Our cost-effective, efficient dewatering bag solutions will control particle discharge and ensure that your project functions as it should. Whether you want a standard size or custom-made dewatering filter bag, please contact the Duraflex team for a free, no-obligation quote. Call us at 0291338792.