Strip Screen Doorways

Strip Screen Doorways

Strip Screen Plastic Doorways

Strip screen doorways are the ideal solution if you want to create a barrier (to control temperature, Strip Screen Doorwaysfor example, or to prevent contamination) but you still want employees and/or others to have easy access.

PVC Strip Doorways

At Duraflex, we offer high-quality strip screen doorway solutions as part of our SmarTec range. All our products are manufactured to the highest possible standard, and they are durable. Find out more today.

Plastic Strip Curtain & Striped Curtains

You can also get strip screen wall solutions when you come to us. This includes curtains and sliding screens that offer similar benefits to our strip screen doorways.

In other words, whatever strip screen requirement you have, we can develop a solution. Please call us today if you want to create a controlled space and want to find out more.

Suitable Applications

  • Screening off workshop hazards
  • Keeping cold or hot air out of, or in, a controlled space
  • Preventing dust, fumes, smoke, or other contaminants from getting into a controlled space
  • And more

Benefits of Our Strip Screen Solutions

  • Easy to install
  • Available in a range of colours for aesthetic purposes
  • Also available with a specific yellow tint that repels insects
  • A red tint is also available if you want a solution that reduces glare
  • Freezer-grade options are available, i.e. options for use on doorways into large fridges and freezers
  • Available in any length, width, or thickness
  • Durable PVC with mounting components made from non-corroding aluminium and stainless steel

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