Strip Screen Doorways

Strip Screen Doorways

Plastic Door Strips

Strip screen doorways are the ideal solution for creating a barrier that keeps contaminants contained while still permitting your employees, guests, or equipment easy access. Strip Screen Doorways At Duraflex, we offer high-quality plastic for door strip solutions as part of our Smartec range. To get a free quote or for more information on delivery options, contact our friendly team at 0291338792 today.

Our Range Of Plastic Strip Products

We also offer strip screen walls and curtains. Whatever PVC screening requirements you might have, our team is happy to work with you to develop a solution.

How You Can Use Strip Screen Doorways

Screen off workshop hazards, keep cold or hot air in or out of a space with our plastic and door strips. They can also be used to prevent dust, fumes, smoke, and other airborne contaminants from entering a clean room.
These see-through strip doorways are an economical solution to a wide range of barrier issues. They’re great in places as varied as shops, workrooms, processing facilities, and even display fridges. They keep pollutants out and your temperature well under control.

With our clear PVC strip screen solutions, your employees and customers will have no difficulty moving between contained locations. Avoid vehicular accidents with the unrestricted visibility of plastic door strips, and save on your electricity bills with their energy-saving light penetration. With simple designs, solid construction, and ease of maintenance, a Duraflex plastic door strip is a trouble-free option guaranteeing you years of reliable service.

3 Reasons To Choose Us For Your Door Strip Needs

Our strip door solutions are made from high-quality materials and are easy to install. The durable clear PVC comes with mounting components made from non-corroding aluminium and stainless steel for better functionality and longevity.

Meet all your requirements for plastic strip curtains with our comprehensive selection of products. We offer a range of colours that makes them perfect for various aesthetics. We have a special yellow tint designed for insect repeal properties, and if you want to keep the sun out of your employees’ eyes, we have red pigments to create a plastic door strip solution that repeals glare. We even have freezer-grade options suited for commercial walk-in freezers or chiller self-service supermarket cabinets, so items can still be viewed by customers.

If you’d like a strip curtain that will help you increase sanitation, maintain temperatures, and reduce additional costs, our tinted and coloured strip doors are the perfect solutions. These economical barriers will help improve traffic flow and keep insects out while letting customers in. We have custom options available, too. We can manufacture our plastic screening products in any size, height, or width to meet all your needs for door curtains.

Whether you need a coloured curtain that’s 3cm or 3mm in size, we can craft a product to order.

The Benefits PVC Strip Doors Can Offer

Our doorways have been used for a wide variety of applications, including:

Provide Cost-Effective Energy Control

A plastic door strip is one of the cheapest ways to reduce energy loss. An open door to an air-conditioned building results in the considerable loss of heat or cold. A PVC door can help reduce the strain on your energy bill. Because they’re always closed and only ever open partially to allow a person or object to pass through, they’re among the most effective temperature-control barriers on the market. They can prevent 80 to 90% of the temperature loss that occurs when a conventional door is left ajar!

Experience stable temperatures in refrigerated areas, less shrinkage, product spoilage, and reduced wear and tear on equipment when you use a Duraflex plastic door strip.

Keep Noise Out And Light In with Clear PVC

Isolate noise from equipment, work stations, and loading docks from other work areas. Let your employees focus on getting their work done and allow your customers to shop and navigate your business with greater comfort using our PVC sheeting. These transparent barriers will enable your business to reduce external noise while remaining inviting.

In addition, the visibility of a clear strip door or clear strip curtains helps customers and traffic move safely while preventing delays that come from the opening or closing of a standard or ribbed door. Protect your staff and customers from the elements while allowing natural light to come in. You’ll get a more inviting atmosphere while saving on lighting costs.

Reduce Movements of Pollutants

A plastic door strip is perfect for creating a cleaner and more effective work environment. The movement of contaminants such as dust, dirt, and debris is kept within a single area. They’ll prevent nasty pollutants from entering your shop space from the street front, keeping your customers and staff healthier and happier.

Keep Birds and Flying Insects Out

PVC barriers are an effective way to keep vermin like flies, birds, insects and other pests out of your facility’s rooms. Prevent contamination issues an insect or animal can cause, especially in the food sector. These are cost-effective, heavy duty solutions providing you with additional protection where you might have had none before, like in a warehouse.

If you’re ready to order an effective, durable, fuss-free PVC plastic door strip made to custom specifications, please contact the Duraflex team at 0291338792.