Flexible Noise Barrier

Flexible Noise Barrier

Performance Series Flexible Noise Barrier

If you have been looking for a high-end solution for all your noise control needs, a flexible noise barrier is an excellent solution. At Duraflex, our Performance Series of lightweight barriers is ideal for environments, locations, and applications that require the highest possible levels of noise control, such as in laboratories, technological manufacturing plants,Flexible Noise Barrier or sensitive office environments.
With their lightweight design and construction, our noise barriers are much easier to use and far less cumbersome than alternatives on the market. The Performance Series truly stands out from its competition, whose barriers are typically far larger and more troublesome to install and transport.

So if you require effective soundproofing barriers that are simple to set up and offer real ease of use, the Duraflex flexible noise barrier Performance Series is the ideal choice. If you would like to learn more about what the Hushtec series of acoustic barriers and related noise control solutions can do for you organisation or business, or to get a free, no-obligation quote, give our friendly team a call at 0291338792 today.
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Why Good Sound Insulation Matters

Poor sound control is a big problem in our growing cities, especially in high-density buildings or crowded areas. Excess noise has numerous detrimental effects, both physically and psychologically. These consequences range from general annoyance and speech interference to mental health issues and sleep disturbances, which risk long-term implications for your well-being.

A flexible noise barrier can also reduce negative consequences within the workplace itself. Excess noise in a factory, office, or on an industrial site can make it more difficult for your staff to communicate with one another. This can risk health and safety issues if warnings or important directions from supervisors are not heard. Impeded communication can also lead to frustration and conflict, while reducing productivity. For these reasons, suitable noise control solutions are a worthwhile investment for any business.

In addition, as governments increasingly realise the dangers of excess noise, more business codes and local regulations require buildings to be designed with adequate sound insulation.

Our high-performance, flexible noise barrier products provide superior acoustic transmission loss, maximising productivity, happiness and minimising stress

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What Is A Flexible Lightweight Noise Control Barrier?

A flexible noise control barrier is a type of loaded vinyl barrier that is used to block noise from being transmitted between areas. They are constructed with particular attention to mass, flexibility, and limpness, preventing noise from echoing or leaking out of a given location.

These barriers come in a wide variety of weights and styles, making them adaptable to diverse applications. What’s more, they are excellently weather-proof and UV-resistant, even in Australia’s harsh, unpredictable climate. These reasons are why a Duraflex Hushtec flexible noise barrier offers excellent durability and are very long-lasting.

Experience The Benefits Of Lightweight Construction

Our Performance Series’s lightweight design means that they are easy to install, allowing work to continue with minimal disruption to your staff or site visitors. What’s more, each of our flexible noise barriers have been specially engineered so that this lightweight noise barrier construction does not detract from its performance, robustness, or durability. Instead, these traits simply complement one another.


Total Customisability Available

As all of our Hushtec range of products are manufactured in-house, the Duraflex team can customise each Performance Series flexible noise barrier to meet your needs and requirements. You can request bespoke specifications for:

  • Dimensions
  • General configuration
  • Colours
  • Branding

Our full control over our manufacturing process also means that we can ensure high-quality standards throughout every production stage. As we do not have to deal with middlemen, we can also offer our products at cost-effective prices with minimal delay time.


Applications Of Our Flexible Noise Barriers

Our Performance Series lightweight noise barriers have helped minimise excess noise levels throughout Australia and the globe. Here are some examples of industries, sites, and organisations that have seen great benefits from our Performance Series of flexible noise barriers:

  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Laboratories
  • Research Facilities
  • And more!

Please call us today on 0291338792 to speak to a member of the Duraflex AU team and get a free no-obligation quote on a flexible noise barrier.