Oil Containment Boom

Oil Containment Boom

Oil Containment Boom

The first step in dealing with an oil spill is to control the spread of the oil in the water. By containing the oil in a single location, it is less able to cause damage. You’ll also make it easier for clean-up work to begin. A Duraflex oil containment boom is an ideal spill containment solution.
Oil Containment Boom
Oil spills are incredibly damaging to the natural environment, and affect every part of the ecosystem they enter. They can cling to individual grains of sand on a beach, and wash into coastal marshes and mangrove wetlands. This oil can injure or kill fish, sea birds, and marine mammals. As you can see, it is very important that these spills are carefully managed so that their devastating effects are minimised.
Our oil booms are also useful for other situations where you might need to contain something in water, such as rubbish, debris, duckweed and more.

Duraflex Floating Oil Containment Booms

Each Duraflex oil containment boom is manufactured from a heavy-duty, coated 650 GSM ripstop PVC fabric. Oil cannot penetrate through this material, keeping it effectively contained within a set area.

Our booms are topped with floating devices, while weights attached to the bottom of the fabric ensure that the oil remains trapped. Eyelets on either side of the boom allow you to connect one oil boom with another. This is a great way to quickly and easily increase their length, customising them for a spill of any size. The eyelets can also be used to attach a boom to an anchor.

Each Duraflex Greentec oil containment boom is available in any size and a range of different colours.

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How An Oil Boom Works

An oil boom, also known as a containment boom, is a temporary, floating, physical barrier made of plastic, metal, or other material. It is used to slow the spread of oil and keep it contained within a specific area of water. To deploy a containment boom, a skilled team and specialised mooring systems like anchors and land lines are needed.

These booms are highly effective at controlling the initial spread of an oil slick. That is why an oil containment boom is commonly placed:

  • Around an entrance to the ocean, like a stream outlet or small inlet, to prevent oil from passing into sensitive habitats like marshland;
  • To deflect oil away from sensitive locations, such as shellfish beds or beaches used as nesting habitats;
  • Around sites like fish farms or hatcheries, to prevent oil from seeping into them

Oil booms float on the surface where oil has been spilled, containing an oil slick and preventing it from spreading further through the water. For these reasons, oil booms are often one of the first tools used in oil spill control and cleanup.


What An Oil Boom Can Be Used For

An oil containment boom is, as the name suggests, often used when an oil spill occurs. The oil slick resulting from the spill can spread and threaten sensitive, vulnerable locations. This is why a spill kit consisting of specialised equipment, such as containment booms, must be deployed to protect these areas.

An oil boom helps collect oil in thick surface layers, allowing for easy recovery, and reducing the possibility of pollutants reaching shorelines, rivers, and oceans.

The primary purpose of an oil boom is to limit the area impacted by the spill. How well a given oil containment boom performs is determined by various factors, such as buoyancy, roll response, and heave response. This means that different containment booms work best for different types of spill responses.

There are containment booms available for every scenario, whether a spill in a marina, in a coastal area near a sensitive spot, or out at sea.

Choosing the right boom requires a proper evaluation of the location’s conditions and careful selection criteria. This includes reviewing float/skirt heights, tensile strength, and reserve buoyancy. Following appropriate deployment and containment guidelines are followed should result in effective containment.

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