Oil Containment Boom

Oil Containment Boom

Oil Containment Boom

The first step in dealing with an oil spill is to control the spread of oil in the water. By effectively containing the oil in one location, you limit the damage and make it easier for the clean-up work to begin. Oil Containment BoomAt Duraflex, our oil booms are the ideal containment solution.

You can even use them for other applications where you need to contain something in the water so it can be cleaned up or dealt with. This includes rubbish, debris, duckweed, and more.

Floating Oil Containment Boom

Our oil booms are manufactured from a 650 GSM ripstop PVC fabric that is coated and heavy duty.

This prevents the oil from getting through. At the top there are floating devices to keep the oil
boom afloat, while at the bottom of the fabric are weights to ensure the oil is effectively trapped.

Then, at either side of the boom, there are eyelets. You can use these eyelets to join two booms, quickly and easily increasing the length. You can also use them to fix an anchor.

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