Turbidity Curtain

Turbidity Curtain

A Duraflex Silt Curtain Will Keep Waterways Clean

When construction or engineering work takes place near a water body like a river, lake, or ocean, loosened debris, soil, and sediment risk flowing into and contaminating the nearby aquatic environment. That’s why a silt curtain is a must-have for all worksites near water.
Turbidity Curtain
Our Duraflex turbidity curtains are the perfect solution for containing contaminants in water. They’ll help reduce their effect on the surrounding ecosystem and help make sure that your work is compliant with local environmental consent laws.
We’ve supplied environmental solutions to clients worldwide. That means that when you choose Duraflex for your industrial needs, you know how you can count on our proven track record of international success.
If you have projects planned near water, take preventative action and stay on the right side of the law and the environment. To learn more about our environmental solutions or to request a free, no-obligation quote for a Duraflex silt curtain, simply get in touch with our friendly team at 0291338792

How Do Floating Turbidity Curtains From Duraflex Work?

Silt curtains, also known as turbidity curtains, are a type of floating barrier that helps restrict debris and sediment to one location within a larger body of water. They help prevent this floating silt, soil, or dirt from flowing into other parts of the waterway, where it could potentially pollute drinking water, harm marine life, or cause environmental damage.

At Duraflex, our curtains are designed and manufactured to be of the highest quality. We use only strong, impermeable, heavy duty material, ensuring that debris and sediment are kept where they need to be. Each silt curtain is topped with flotation devices, and at the bottom, weights attached to the hem of the skirt are used to keep it in place. This ensures that the barrier stays where it’s meant to be, providing the proper coverage and effective sediment control
We understand that no two worksites are the same. As all our products are manufactured in-house, we can customise our available solutions to fit your business’ specific requirements and specifications. So if you require barriers made to specific dimensions, please get in touch with our in-house team at 0291338792. Our designers will be more than happy to discuss the options around creating a silt curtain designed specifically to your requirements and will work with you to find the right solution for your project.

What Can A Silt Curtain Be Used For?

These curtains are used to control water’s turbidity. Turbidity refers to the degree to which particles suspended within water cause it to lose its transparency. The higher the turbidity, the less transparent the water. That’s why turbidity can be used as a measure of how dirty a body of water is.

When construction activity occurs near waterways, dirt, soil, dust, and other forms of debris get knocked around and often flow into nearby waterways. They then mix with the water, polluting it and raising its turbidity.

A silt curtain can keep these soil particles contained within a single area, stopping them from flowing into the broader waterway. This dramatically limits the impact of your construction, building, or civil works on the surrounding marine environment as any turbidity created is contained within the curtain’s boundary.

These aquatic barriers have a wide range of applications. They can be used for bank works in creeks or streams; canal works; shore-based works; pond or bridge construction; and other building, construction, or civil works near or even in a water body. At Duraflex, we can create curtains designed specifically for your project’s requirements. That ensures that you won’t spend more than you need when choosing a silt curtain for your job.

How Can A Turbidity Curtain Help My Industrial Project?

When working around freshwater or marine environments, it’s vital to ensure that the surrounding ecosystem is kept carefully protected. When silt and debris are contained by a barrier, this makes it far easier to remove them once the job is complete, which will help you avoid the costly fines that can result from breaching environmental consent regulations.

Customers are also becoming increasingly conscious about the contractors or services they hire, and the way these providers conduct their work in relation to the surrounding environment. That’s why, when you use a silt curtain on your project, you can help prove to your customers your eco-conscious approach to industrial jobs.

Protect The Environment With Our Silt Curtains

Here in Australia, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by incredible beaches, the beautiful, blue Pacific ocean, and rare, unique marine life. We know that there’s no place in the world quite like our home, and that’s why it’s important to protect this fragile landscape.

With water barriers from Duraflex, you can make sure to meet your ecological commitments, help your site run more effectively, and comply with local regulations. At the same time, you’ll also get to prove to your customers your genuine dedication to protecting the environment.

For more information on our environmental solutions, or to order a silt curtain made to custom specifications, please contact us at 0291338792. We’ll be more than happy to help you.