Turbidity Curtain

Turbidity Curtain

Silt Curtain

Do you need a barrier to effectively trap, control, and/or contain debris, sediment, or another contaminant in a body of water? Our turbidity barriers are the solution.

Turbidity Curtain

They have been used in a range of situations across the world, so have a proven track record of success.

An example of one of those applications includes construction projects close to bodies of water. In many cases, it’s unavoidable that debris will get into the water in these types of situation. In other cases, construction companies, civil works contractors, and others take preventative action.

Floating Turbidity Curtain

Our turbidity barriers hold the debris from the construction site as well as sediment, keeping it in one location so it doesn’t enter other parts of the waterway. This lets the contractor clean up the debris quickly and effectively.

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High-Quality Solution

At Duraflex, we prioritise quality design and manufacture, so our turbidity barriers are made using high-quality and impermeable material. At the top of the barrier is a floatation device while at the bottom weights are fitted into the hem to keep the barrier in place.

This makes them not only an effective solution, but also highly flexible. In addition, you can specify whatever size or dimensions you need as we offer a customisation option.

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