Silt Sock

Silt Sock

Silt Sock

Do you need to direct water through your construction site in a way that causes as little erosion or damage to the soil as possible? Silt SockDo you need to make sure that your wastewater is filtered before you discharge it into the drainage system? Then our Duraflex silt sock products are what you need.

Our silt socks are ideal for separating sediment from wastewater and for erosion control. They’ll allow you to control the flow of water through your site, and let you direct it where you want it to go with no damage along the way.

Fulfil Your Environmental Responsibilities

Whether you’re meeting your own environmental protection commitments, have ecological requirements set by your customers or local regulations that you and your workers are required to follow, or just want your site to run more efficiently, the team at Duraflex is able to help.

Our range of silt sock products are available in any size and are all manufactured using a high-quality, robust, and durable UV stabilised material. This means that every erosion control sock is capable of standing up to various environmental conditions, including Australia’s harsh climate.

For more information on our erosion control products or to request a free quote, please contact our friendly team at 02 9133 8792.

How To Use Our Duraflex Silt Socks

Silt socks are a quick and effective way of managing sediment runoff into waterways and culverts. They are usually filled with a range of natural, 100% recycled filter materials such as sand, wood chips, or gravel.

A silt sock can be laid around various site stormwater inlets, or across open drains. It works to temporarily impound sediment-laden runoff by slowing down the water flow and allowing sediment to settle. Water continues to flow through the sock, while the suspended sediment is trapped, and kept out of a waterway.

These features are why our Duraflex erosion control socks are an excellent solution for protecting stormwater runoff gullies, drain outflows, and culverts from sediment-laden water. If you want to protect Australia’s natural waterways, these socks are an excellent option.

Benefits Of Using Duraflex Silt Socks

Silt socks offer a range of advantages for you, your site, and the planet.

These include:

Protecting The Local Environment

A silt sock can help you prevent the excess runoff of pollutant-laden wastewater. This allows you to play your part in protecting the health of Australia’s vegetation and preventing erosion. By controlling the velocity of stormwater runoff, silt socks can also help minimise the risk and damage caused by flooding.

Easy To Install

These socks are an effective alternative to silt fencing in many areas. No trenching is required to install them, which means that soil disturbance upon installation or removal is prevented. The installation process also does not require major excavations, land disturbances, or pond construction.

Low Maintenance

The filler fabric of a silt sock allows water to flow right through. However, this organic material traps sediment within the sock. This means that they require little attention or maintenance, and can simply be left on the ground to perform their work.

Better Site Access

There is a reason these socks are also known as ‘erosion control’ socks. In addition, their lower profile is both more aesthetically pleasing and makes your project easier to access than a larger, more cumbersome barrier


Many contractors get multiple uses out of their erosion control socks. Small diameter socks can easily be moved between job sites. This reusability makes a silt sock a highly eco-friendly solution, as well as being good for your wallet.

Environmentally Friendly

The inert filler used in these socks is free of seed, low in moisture content, and incredible environmentally friendly. It is also typically 100% recycled material. 

Save the time, money, and trouble of installing a silt fence, straw bales, rock check dams, or straw wattles. Silt socks are a hassle-free, easy-to-use solution to keep sediment out of the wastewater leaving your site and entering Australia’s aquatic environment. If you would like to learn more about our Greentec environmental solutions, or to place an order for a Duraflex silt sock, simply contact our team at 02 9133 8792.