Premium Series Noise Barrier

Premium Series Noise Barrier

Premium Series Noise Barrier

Meet our Premium Series noise barrier, our highest performing acoustic barrier solution. These lightweight barriers offer top-of-the line noise absorption and noise reduction properties. They are also highly robust and durable, making them an excellent choice for standing up to the Australian climate’s harsh conditions.
Series Noise Barrier
This combination of efficacy, robustness, and versatility is why they are ideal for a wide range of uses. They are especially suitable for areas or applications that demand exceptional levels of noise sensitivity, such as laboratories, hospitals, and offices. For these reasons, if you are looking for a highly efficient system to protect you against and prevent excessive noise, a Premium Series noise barrier is the right answer. To learn more about our Duraflex soundproofing and acoustic control solutions, or to get a free, no-obligation quuote, please contact our friendly team at 02 9133 8792.

3 Reasons to Choose The Duraflex Premium Series

In-House Manufacturing

Every one of our noise barriers is entirely designed and manufactured by our team, right here in-house. By doing so, we get to cut out the middleman. This helps us significantly reduce our costs, and we pass these savings right on to you. That’s why our noise barriers are some of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.
Our in-house manufacturing Premium Series noise barrier manufacturing process also ensures that we’re able to control all aspects of quality, start to finish. That’s why when you choose Duraflex, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible end product available for your noise control needs.

We also offer affordable prices and free, no-obligation quotes. Call today on 02 9133 8792.

High-Quality Materials

We are committed to quality. That’s why we source the best available materials, both here in Australia and from around the world. It’s all part of our dedication to ensuring that our high-quality, lightweight noise barriers are the best on the market.

Proven Track Record

Duraflex and Hushtec are some of the best-known names in the noise barrier industry. Clients worldwide have used our Premium Series noise barrier products for a wide range of applications in diverse international industries and markets.

How A Noise Barrier Works

These barriers control the impact of high levels of noise by blocking the transmission of sound energy and absorbing vibrations. Their solid structures intercept sound waves and reduce the noise level they create.

The closer a noise barrier is to the source or receiver of the noise, the more effective it will be in its soundproofing application. Ideally, you want your barriers to be able to block off the line of sight between the source and the receiver.

Most noise barriers, including our Premium Series noise barrier range, are installed and set up outdoors. This external use means that they must be adequately designed to withstand the weather and climate of the site where they will be used. This means that durability is an important factor when selecting the right noise barrier for your needs.


The Applications Of Noise Barriers

Noise affects many people negatively in their day-to-day lives. Did you know that these ill effects start as early as childhood? Children exposed to high levels of noise in the womb may face difficulties later in life, including struggles with concentration, learning difficulties, and poor scores on exams.

It is clear that when you reduce the amount of noise people are exposed to, you can make big contributions to protecting health and safety. This is why a Duraflex Premium Series Noise barrier can be used for a wide variety of applications. For instance, you could use them as dividing walls in factories, isolating offices or canteens from a workshop’s noise.

They can be installed around machinery to reduce the noise produced by loud equipment. That way, you can comply with local regulations, consent laws, and health and safety requirements.

Our noise barriers will allow you to protect yourself from someone else’s noise and your neighbours from the noise produced by your site. They will protect your staff’s wellbeing by reducing their risk of hearing damage and ensure greater productivity.

To learn more about our Hushtec range of Premium Series Noise Barrier solutions or for a quote, simply get in touch with us at 02 9133 8792 today.