Vinyl Noise Barrier

Vinyl Noise Barrier

Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier

If you’re looking for a noise reduction solution that is effective but affordable, thin but durable and tear-resistant, dense but strong and highly flexible, Duraflex Mass Loaded Vinyl noise barriers are the answer.Vinyl Noise Barrier These soundproofing products are an industry favourite in the noise reduction field.
Our Mission Series noise barriers are supplied on rolls in any size and quantity you might require. If you would like additional information about how our solutions can meet your soundproofing needs or would like a free, no-obligation quote, please give us a call at 0291338792 to speak to a member of our experienced Duraflex Australia team.

What Is This Vinyl Noise Barrier Solution?

Whether you need a noise reduction product for a residential, commercial, or industrial site, this tough, effective material is one of the best options on the market. Mass Loaded Vinyl combines a sleek, flexible structure with environmental friendliness and excellent soundproofing. This makes it a far superior alternative to old, lead-based sound insulation products. Each sound barrier product has been made and designed for total acoustic control for walls, ceilings, and industrial floors.

To get a free, no-obligation quote, or if you have a query, please contact a member of our team by calling 02 9133 8792.

How Does Mass Loaded Vinyl Work?

The way this high-density, nonporous substance works is that it adds dense material to an enclosed area, preventing sound waves from passing through the ceiling and the walls. This effectiveness means that it is used even in recording studios.

Resonancy usually happens when sound hits walls and bounces off. The net energy of these sound waves causes a vibration, which creates even more sound. In contrast, the floppy, loose, flexible surface of Mass Loaded Vinyl is one that is difficult for soundwaves to bounce off. As the barrier moves in 3-dimensional space, the sound’s energy bleeds off, resulting in greater net losses of sound propagation through the wall. The end result of this is less noise travelling out of the contained area, and greater soundproofing.

This noise reduction technology is a popular sound control option among architects and engineers, due to its cost-efficiency, effectiveness, and high safety and ease of use.


Our Noise Control Technologies Are Highly Versatile

You can buy these noise barriers and sandwich them between drywall or other building materials to create noise-cancelling ceilings, floors, and walls, whether for a home, commercial, or industrial installation.

Mass Loaded Vinyl can also be wrapped around plastic pipes, industrial insulation, steel columns, metal pipes, and any other items to reduce noise pollution within your space. As it adds mass with minimum thickness, it takes up a limited amount of room, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

It is often connected to joints or studs for stability. The seams and joints are then covered with acoustic caulking or barrier tape. Once this sound caulking is applied, the seams are then sealed with tape, ensuring optimum sound insulation and soundproofing performance.


More Of The Features At Less Of The Cost

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a practical, flexible, and highly affordable soundproofing product. Whether you’re an experienced builder working on a large-scale construction project, or a homeowner looking for a DIY fix, this versatile material is sure to fit your needs. It can improve the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of a wall, helping reduce excess noise, which makes it a popular choice for cinemas and recording studios. It can block everything from traffic and street noise to even the noise of railways, buses, and aircraft! That is why it is a cost-effective solution to a range of sound problems.

Compared to material like drywall, Mass Loaded Vinyl is much thinner, softer, and more flexible. For these reasons, it functions as a great complement to drywall and plywood building components. This flexibility means that it has far better vibration control and consumes more sound energy than traditional building materials. Its increased density also means that it blocks more mid- and high-frequency noise. That is why it is one of the best possible choices for soundproofing and sound insulation on the market.

The Benefits Of Choosing Duraflex’s Mission Series

Our Mission Series Mass Loaded Vinyl is popular with customers from a wide range of sectors and industries, including manufacturing, refinery, mining, construction, demolition, and automotive. This means that our team has the experience to work with you to design and customise products perfectly equipped for your unique project.

As all of our soundproofing products are manufactured in house, we are able to craft our Mission Series noise barriers to your specific requirements. This includes supplying them to exact size specifications and adding your branding. In addition, because we have no middleman and all our products are in-stock, we are able to supply your solutions quickly and at affordable prices.

Our team combines their extensive design and manufacturing experience with a total commitment to quality. This is why we choose only the best materials available when manufacturing our Mission Series Mass Loaded Vinyl products. In addition, We are able to supply quickly as we have our products in-stock with us.

To learn more about how the Duraflex range of Hushtec noise control solutions can help with your soundproofing requirements, or to get a free, no-obligation quote, please contact our helpful team at 02 9133 8792.