Construction Noise Barrier

Construction Noise Barrier


Most noise barriers on the market are heavy duty. This means that they can be cumbersome to use and store, difficult to transport, and can take up large amounts of space. portable noise barriernoise BarrierHowever, thinner noise barriers, like an acoustic fence, often achieve their lightweight construction by compromising performance. You might wonder if there’s any way to get the best of both worlds – and with our Elite Series of noise control barriers, you can.


The Hushtec Elite Series Noise Control Barrier has been designed using our experienced team’s technical expertise to fit all of your noise control needs.
These mass loaded vinyl barriers are thin and lightweight, yet incredibly durable and reliable. With a thickness of only 5mm, they take up minimal space while providing maximum efficiency.

Despite their ultra-thin size, our acoustic fence Elite Series Noise Control Barriers have a noise rating as high as STC25. This is why these acoustic control barriers have been used in a wide variety of applications for even the most noise-sensitive environments, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Office Environments
  • Government Buildings
  • And More

The Elite Series has been specifically designed to minimise the disruption you face as a result of ongoing construction work and environmental noise. They’ll help you maximise your focus, productivity, and ensure that your health and wellbeing are adequately protected.

Like all our Duraflex products, the Elite series has been designed for durability and to withstand everyday wear and tear. Every acoustic fence we create is made using only the best possible materials available. With our extensive, in-house manufacturing experience, we guarantee that all our noise control solutions, whether a transparent acoustic panel or fence, are produced to the highest quality standards.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Elite Series of noise control barriers can help you or your business, contact us at 0291338792 today to get a quote.

How Acoustic Fencing Works

Acoustic fencing is a soundproofing fencing method used by industries to reduce external noise and unwanted environmental noise. When effectively used, a properly made, reliable acoustic fence can reduce the acoustic sound pressure of noise pollution entering the human ear.

These soundproofing barriers can be installed to protect against environmental sound waves generated by excessive noise. Here are some examples of sources of noise that this type of soundproofing and noise control solution can protect you against:

  • High residential garden noise
  • Commercial and industrial machinery noise
  • Extremely loud sports venues or concerts
  • Railway, airport, and motorway vehicular noise


Why You Should Take Noise Pollution Seriously

Excess noise is more than just unpleasant – it can be dangerous. The enormous noise level produced by places like roads and railways can be extremely harmful to human ears, especially over long periods. This means that by using an acoustic fence, you can mitigate the dangers that intense noise pollution poses to health in the long run, such as hearing loss or even total deafness.

High levels of noise have also been shown to increase stress, leading to various health conditions. They even lower productivity, as people have to shout to be heard and struggle to focus. This can lead to conflict and poor performance in schools or workplaces.

The Efficacy Of Acoustic Fencing

Acoustic fencing works by soundproofing and thus reducing external and environmental noise. These barriers have been shown to reduce the impact of noise pollution. This means that using an acoustic fence can lower the risk of chronic stress, hearing damage, hypertension, diabetes, and even cardiovascular issues.

How well a noise barrier works depends on five key factors:

  • The construction of the barrier
  • The height of the barrier
  • The distance between the source of the noise and the person hearing it
  • The relative height of the source of the noise to the barrier

These varied factors mean that being particular about installing your barrier and making sure you choose the right barrier for your needs are very important to get the most out of your acoustic fencing.

To learn more about the Duraflex range of acoustic fence noise control systems, or to discuss custom specifications or requirements with our team, please contact us at 0291338792.