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Keep Your Operations Contained WIth Our PVC Strip Curtains

At Duraflex, we offer a range of highly effective, affordable, and adaptable screening solutions, including PVC Strip Curtains and strip doors. These door curtains are fantastic for a wide range of functions, including separating areas in your facility or processing plant; controlling temperature or humidity while still permitting access to a site; and keeping contaminants out of a particular location.
PVC Strip Curtains
All of our products are entirely designed and manufactured in-house. This means that when you select us for your screening and protection needs, you know you can rely on our products to perform to the highest standards of quality. This in-house manufacturing process also means that we can fully customise our products to fit your organisation’s requirements. If you would like more information about our PVC Strip Curtains, or to request a free quote, please contact the Duraflex team at 0291338792.

3 Reasons To Choose Duraflex For Your PVC Screening Needs

  • Our products have a track record of excellence in Australia and around the world
  • We offer lower prices than our competitors, as our in-house manufacturing allows us to eliminate the middleman
  • You’ll get excellent customer service from our knowledgeable, experienced team

To speak to a member of our team, and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us on 02 9133 8792.

Clean Room Solutions From Duraflex

Our PVC screening and protection devices are excellent for creating a clean room in nearly any location. They are compliant with industrial regulations, effective at controlling contaminants and install quickly and easily, without the need for building new walls.

Duraflex PVC Strip Curtains are fantastic for preventing contamination, controlling temperature, and much more. This material is highly flexible, inexpensive, and extremely effective at creating a controlled environment, wherever you set it up. To learn more about how you can use PVC sheeting to establish a clean room in your facility or to request a customised solution for your needs, please get in touch with our friendly team at .


What Our PVC Sheeting Can Be Used For

In addition to preventing cross-contamination within a factory, our PVC products are also excellent for keeping contaminants like smoke, fumes, and dust out of a controlled environment. You can also use our PVC Strip Curtains to keep pests like birds and insects out of a building or control airflow, humidity, and temperature.

Strip Screen Plastic Doorways And Walls

Create an effective barrier between two areas while still permitting easy access for employees and equipment using the Strip Screen Doorway solutions from our Smartec range. They come with an opening available within the flexible PVC curtain, making it easy for people and necessary equipment to pass through. All of our Smartec solutions are 100% New Zealand made to the highest standards of quality.

These barriers are a great choice if you want to screen off workplace hazards, keep hot or cold air in or out of a space or prevent contaminants from entering a controlled area. Along with our PVC Strip Curtains, they will help you ensure that your facility is safe from cross-contamination.

Whatever your needs for clean room management, the team at Duraflex are happy to design a reliable, custom-made solution to fit your requirements. Please contact us at . for a quote or to learn more.

Cross Contamination Protection

We stock a range of products designed to meet your cross-contamination protection needs, including standard size and custom-built walls, screens, curtains, sheets, and doorways. We also stock options that are regulatory compliant, like food-grade screens.

Our products are made from strong and durable PVC, with mounting brackets made from non-corrosive materials. PVC Strip Curtains, Screens, and Sheets are flexible, take up minimal space, and are an extremely cost-effective option. We also have clear PVC options available, which are particularly well suited to be used as shop door fly screens or self-help chiller cabinet screens.

Suitable For A Wide Range Of Applications

International customers have used our cross-contamination protection solutions in a wide range of industries and situations. These include food or medical manufacturing facilities, washrooms, laboratories, chemical manufacturing plants, and rooms containing sensitive equipment.

Our team is happy to work with you to design and manufacture a solution customised to your needs. To discuss your specifications and get a free quote for PVC Strip Curtains or other cross-contamination protection product, please get in touch with us at .

PVC Factory Dividers

Create a new layout in your factory with minimal cost, time, and effort using our PVC factory dividers. They’re great for temporary reorganisations or short-term projects requiring protection against cross-contamination risks.

Building new walls to divide spaces in your factory can incur significant expense and time, which can be very disruptive to your operations and budget. In addition, new walls also reduce your floor space. Instead of engaging in costly construction work, why not choose a simpler, more affordable solution – dividers such as PVC Strip Curtains?

The Advantages Of Using Our PVC Factory Dividers

Our PVC barriers are fast to install and far less expensive than a wall. They can also be taken down again quickly if required. They have been tested for performance with a range of corrosive agents and chemicals, making them a great fit if you’re dividing up your factory area for regulatory reasons.

We can even customise their colours and finishes to match your facility’s design better or reflect your organisation’s branding.

Protect your employees and goods from adverse environmental or weather conditions with our low-cost solutions for hygiene and temperature control. To find out more about our PVC Strip Curtains, Cross-Contamination Solutions and Factory Dividers, or request a custom order or free quote, please contact our team at . . We look forward to hearing from you.