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Piling Rig

Piling Rig Noise Barriers

A piling rig is a notoriously noisy piece of industrial equipment. Nevertheless, pile driving is a vital part of many important construction projects – so how do you reconcile the need to keep your noise levels down with the need to get your foundations laid?
Piling Rig Noise Barriers
At Duraflex, we produce pile rig noise barriers that can reduce the noise created by a pile driver, up to 10dB! This significant reduction in sound can greatly minimise how much disruption the operation of a pile rig can cause.

We Offer Custom Pile Driver Attachments

Our pile driver noise barriers are suitable as attachments for pile rigs made by any manufacturer. As all of our piling rig acoustic control products are designed and manufactured in-house, we can develop custom solutions if you have particular specifications or requirements for your site or project. Our team is always happy to work with you to tailor our offerings to your needs.

All our noise barriers are made with the highest quality materials, ensuring maximum performance, reliability, and durability. To learn more, speak to us at 0291338792.

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Why Choose Duraflex For Your Noise Control Solutions?

  • We have extensive experience designing and manufacturing noise barriers for various pieces of equipment, including pile rigging.
  • We have years of product and material testing data.
  • Our pile rigging noise barriers have been used in various situations and workspaces across Australia, proving their performance and durability.
  • Our in-house piling rig noise barrier manufacturing process eliminates the middleman. That allows us to offer you highly competitive prices on our products.
  • You’ll get an excellent standard of service from our team, including comprehensive aftersales support.

We offer both free, no-obligation quotes and expert advice when you get in touch. Please call us today on 0291338792.


How Pile Driving Works

Pile driving is a vital part of the construction of many important pieces of infrastructure – but it is also one of the noisiest processes around.

A traditional pile driver essentially functions as a large hammer. It uses a technique called ‘impact pile driving’ to insert large wood, steel, or reinforced concrete columns – known as piles – into the earth.

To do this, the piling rig uses diesel, steam, or hydraulics to raise an immense weight up in the air. Once the weight reaches its vertical limit, it is released, dropping down onto the top of the pile beneath it, and driving it into the ground. These blows can be delivered as many as 40 – 150 times a minute!


The Importance Of Managing Pile Driving Noise

A pile driver can be as loud as 120dB when operating – the volume of a rock concert. This noise, especially if it goes on for long periods, can cause severe disturbances. That is why pile driving is a significant source of urban noise complaints.

The levels of noise produced by a piling rig also have severe health and safety implications. It’s essential to manage the noise pollution pile driving creates, to keep both the wider public and your workers safe.

For instance, excessively high levels of noise can gradually lead to hearing loss in the long run. Unfortunately, this noise-induced damage to hearing is both irreversible and permanent. High levels of sound can also lead to other health consequences, such as difficulty concentrating, sleeping, increased fatigue, and even potential damage to cardiovascular health.

High noise levels can also damage productivity at work, by making it harder for your workers to focus on their tasks at hand. The noise created by a piling rig can also, by disrupting concentration and increasing stress, can raise the chances of conflict happening on your site. A noisy workplace can also make it difficult for workers to hear instructions from supervisors, or alarms and warnings.

The best way to do so is to implement your solution as close to the source of the noise as possible. That’s why we recommend making use of our Hushtec pile rigging noise barriers. They’ll go a long way in reducing the risk of noise-related hearing damage for your staff, and avoid you getting angry complaints from neighbours or fines from the local council.

To learn more or to get a quote for our Duraflex piling rig noise control solutions, get in touch with our team at 0291338792 today.