Flexible Noise Barrier

Flexible Noise Barrier

Performance Series Flexible Noise Barrier

Our Performance Series Noise Barrier is one of our high-end solutions, making them ideal for environments, locations, and applications that are particularly noise sensitive. Flexible Noise BarrierThey also have a lightweight design. This makes them stand out from the competition where high-performing Flexible Noise Barrier are typically big and cumbersome.

Temporary Acoustic Fencing

The lightweight design also means they are easy to install and use. Crucially, the lightweight design and materials don’t detract from the performance of the noise barrier or from its robustness or durability.

Therefore, if you need a lightweight noise barrier for a noise sensitive location that is easy to use and easy to install, our Performance Series Noise Barrier is the ideal solution. Give us a call today to find out more.

Customised Lightweight Series Flexible Noise Barrier

You can fully customise our Performance Series Noise Barrier. This includes specifying the dimensions and general configuration, as well as applying your own branding.

In addition, we manufacture everything in-house, ensuring quality throughout the design and manufacturing process, as well as minimising delays.

Suitable Uses

Our lightweight noise barriers from the Performance Series are in use around Australia and elsewhere in the world in a range of locations. This includes schools, factories, hospitals, office buildings, laboratories, research facilities, and more.

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