Rock Breaker Attachments

Rock Breaker Attachments

Rock Breaker Attachments

If you need to use a rock breaker in your project, you are going to make noise. This doesn’t mean the noise has to be excessively loud, causing disruption either to you, your team, Rock Breaker Attachmentsor to others who are close to the work environment. There are solutions for reducing the impact of the noise created by the use of a rock breaker, and we have those solutions here at Duraflex.

Low Noise Rock Breaker

Our rock break noise reduction attachment solutions can reduce noise levels by up to 10db. They are suitable for all main makes and model of rock breaker, plus we offer fully customised solutions if you need something unique.

Our rock breaker noise reduction attachments are also designed with optimal noise reduction performance in mind, and they are manufactured using the best materials.

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Benefits of Our Rock Breaker Attachments

  • Those in close proximity to the rock breaker will not have to endure high levels of noise. This includes your workers, nearby residents and businesses, and wildlife.
  • You will benefit from our experience and knowledge of the noise reduction industry, particularly in relation to reducing the noise produced by rock breakers.
  • We manufacture everything in-house, ensuring high-quality standards throughout the process
  • Your rock breaker noise reduction attachment will be affordable

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