What Do I Need Besides Mass Loaded Vinyl For Soundproofing?

Here at Duraflex Distribution we are prepared to offer you a wide variety of customisable soundproofing choices.

Why Do You Need Soundproofing?

As the name implies, you need soundproofing to reduce the noise emitted from heavy industrial and construction equipment.

However, reducing annoying noise is far from the only reason why you should soundproof your workplace.

Continuous exposure to loud noise is more than just irritating, it can also result in permanent health problems.

Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent results of excessive noise.

Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent hearing damage caused by exposure to constant noise.

This damage happens slowly as workers deal with constant noise over a long period of time, so many people may not notice it when it is happening.

It is actually the most common kind of workplace injury and, worst of all, is irreversible once it has happened.

Different Kinds Of Soundproofing

When you work in construction you are bound to experience some loud noises.

Heavy-duty equipment can produce incredible sounds as it works, and many people think that this is a part of the job that you just need to deal with.

While it is inevitable that equipment will make noise, this doesn’t mean that there is no way to manage it.

There are many more available soundproofing solutions than just mass loaded vinyl alone.

You might be surprised by the sheer variety of options available Here are a few of the methods you can use to keep noise down in your plant or on your site:

Acoustic Solutions

The possibilities for acoustic soundproofing solutions are incredibly vast! We design all of our acoustic control products ourselves, which means that you can get exactly what you need when you work with us. Whether it’s a specific size, shape or colour – we can do it!

Some examples of what we have created in the past include acoustic tents, enclosures, dividers, walls, and quiet rooms. Our products can be created to perfectly fit your construction site, control your desired level of noise, and we can customise their appearance, for instance, if you would like your branding reflected on your noise control barriers.

Rock Breaker Attachments

Rock breakers are incredibly noisy pieces of equipment and produce extremely high levels of noise in their immediate vicinity. This can be highly disruptive to anyone around the machine or near your work site and risks damaging the hearing of your employees and upsetting your neighbours.

If you are only using standard sheets of mass loaded vinyl, quieting your rock breaker can be tough. However, if you use our specially-made rock breaker attachments, you can easily reduce the sound your machine produces.

We have designed our attachments with ideal sound performance in mind, and we only use the very best materials. What’s more, if you are looking for a specific attachment for a particular model of rock breaker, our team is more than happy to work with you to create a custom solution.

Portable Noise Barrier

Sometimes you might need to control noise for a loud piece of equipment that’s not in a fixed place – for instance, generators that will be moved around a site or set up temporarily for an event.
That’s where our portable noise barriers come in handy.

That constant noise can disrupt your team, disrupt the civilians who might be passing by and can reduce your productivity as well as damage your hearing. When you use our products, you’ll be able to wall off that noisy equipment with ease, allowing your workers to continue their jobs in a more peaceful environment.

As with our acoustic solutions mentioned above, our barriers can also be custom designed to your specifications. Looking for a specific size and shape for your machinery? We’ve got you covered! Our team is prepared to design and create barriers that will be perfect for the exact project you are working on.

Customise Your Products

At Duraflex Distribution, we manufacture all of our products in-house. Work with our team to create your perfect noise reducing products to match your machinery and projects! We offer custom printing as well, so if you would like to add a little extra something to your products by having your company logo proudly shown on the material, we can do it!

Reduce Your Noise, Improve Your Life

Constant loud noise can drastically impact your life and work for the worst. Are you ready to moderate your noisy workspace? Contact us at 02 9133 8792 or send us a direct message to find your solution!

When you work with Duraflex Distribution you are working with one of Australia’s best. Don’t just put up some sheets of mass loaded vinyl, try out our customisable options! Let us reduce your loud noises and make your workplace a more comfortable place to work!