5 Major reasons to install a strip door

Plastic door curtain strips ,also known as strip curtains or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) strips, are an important part of any business’ health and safety plan.

They can work as a barrier to separate workspaces as well as a way to improve the traffic flow of the workspace.

Plastic door curtain strip doors work well by themselves, but if you already have a door in place that you don’t want to replace, installing a plastic door curtain strip can add another layer of protection for your work environment, as well as adding extra longevity to your gates and entryways.

Other than being low maintenance, reliable and cost effective, here are 5 of the major reasons to install a plastic door curtain strip:

Energy control that’s cost effective.

Energy costs are an aspect of production that every business needs to put a lot of consideration into tackling in these times of high energy costs and environmental impacts.

Strip curtains are an extremely affordable way to reduce the loss of energy, this is because they help to maintain the temperature within a controlled environment much better than a conventional door could ever manage to.

Strip curtains are able to prevent up to 90% of air loss when used in appropriate situations, as well as being much easier for employees and vehicles to move through. For example, when used in places like a cool room or freezer, the refrigerated area’s temperature will be more stable, resulting in less shrinkage, product spoilage, and reduced wear and tear on compressors, switches and motors.

Noise is better isolated.

Worksites can have overwhelming noise levels for the employees working there, which can have detrimental impacts on their focus as well as their physical and mental health, so taking every precaution possible to avoid noise pollution is key to a healthy work environment.

Utilising the correct technologies is essential for this reason.

Noise from any equipment, loading docks, and workstations from nearby work areas massively contribute to an unsafe environment for workers, but having door strips installed could lessen the noise by up to 17 decibels if used in applicable situations.

They act as protection from insects and vermin.

In all industries of work, contamination is a big problem.

Contrary to what you may think, it’s not just food sectors that are vulnerable to vermin and insects contaminating products, other sectors that have stock and equipment left uncovered are affected by contamination problems.

In order to combat against insects and vermin, as well as birds and other pests, strip doors are great to use – especially in places where doors may not have been used initially.

They can help by preventing insects and the like from getting into your site without having any natural light reduced or obstructing the ease of having an open walkway, compared to a door.

Lessening the movement of air pollutants.

Noise pollution is a hidden danger that it’s important to fight back against, but so are other airborne pollutants.

All kinds of pollution negatively impact the environment, as well as the people exposed to them.

Door strips help to minimise the impact air pollutants can have and keep the work environment as clean as possible, they do this by preventing dust, smoke, fumes and other airborne contaminants from infiltrating the workspace.

By not having these hazardous pollutants occupying the work environment, employees will be healthier and more capable of completing the tasks required of them.

These are only the 5 major reasons why you should install a strip door,

but there are many more that haven’t been touched upon in this article.

Take our word for it, once you’ve installed one strip door, the benefits will influence you to want to install more.

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Help in increasing overall employee comfort levels.

Employees can only be productive as the workspace enables them to be. So having a work environment that fulfills their comfort needs is a necessity in order to have a high level of productivity.

Not only do strip doors keep out pollutants and maintain the correct temperature in a room, they also enable easy access between spaces to keep foot traffic between rooms flowing without a hitch. As strip curtains are generally transparent, visibility isn’t an issue for foot traffic. Employees won’t have to worry about waiting while conventional doors are opening or closing anymore, this also reduces the risk of collision.

As mentioned earlier, strip doors still allow natural light to pass through as they’re made from transparent plastic, this is important as working under artificial light for extended periods of time can have negative impacts on employee’s health, so having some natural light in the room helps to combat this problem.