Soundproofing Blankets: Do They Really Work During Construction

Whether you are carrying out construction work on private or public premises, effectively insulting the sound throughout the task at hand is always a top priority. When most of us think of sound barriers, quite often we imagine large, heavy and cumbersome panels which obstruct both sound and access to the site. There is however a lightweight, more flexible alternative, soundproofing blankets.

Because of their lightweight and compact design, sound blankets offer a superior noise reduction solution that effectively minimizes the vibration and echo of noise, whilst being extremely durable and flexible. Because of their adaptability, sound blankets can provide you with an effective noise barrier that can be applied to a variety of different projects with ease, giving you the ultimate freedom for the size and capacity of your project.

So you can better understand sound blankets and how they can be installed to minimise and control the sound of your construction project, we have compiled our best tips and advice that details how they work, when they are best applied and what to look for in a sound blanket solution.

Soundproofing Blankets

How Soundproofing Blankets Work

Soundproofing blankets are large, flexible noise barriers that are constructed from blanket-like materials and are specifically designed to dampen and absorb noise. What makes them different from their rigid panel alternatives is their amazing flexibility and adaptability to custom fit any scale construction project.

Sound blankets dampen and deaden sound through their unique composition and sound absorption technology. Constructed of several thin and insulating layers, sound blankets use sound absorption as a means for reducing noise from building and construction sites. Soundproofing blankets have multifaceted soft panels that insulate and reduce the vibration of nearby machinery and tools, making them an efficient and reliable solution for your construction work.

When To Use A Soundproofing Blanket

Due to the diversity in their applications, sound blankets are a popular instalment for many events and construction sites, as they are easy to install, cost-effective and provide a thin, lightweight barrier that minimizes sound and controls the environments they surround.

Sound blankets not only offer you a cost-effective solution for your environment, but they are also a great insulator for both internal and external construction sites, as they can be effectively applied to:

  • Doors.
  • Windows.
  • Walls
  • Floors.
  • Feelings.
  • Over or around appliances.
  • Bedrooms.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Garages.
  • All types of fences.
  • Heavy machinery.
Work During Construction

Because of the vast range of applications and their affordability, sound blankets are one of the most popular methods for sound insulation and control. Whether you require sound insulation for a large-scale commercial project, or if you’re carrying out home renovations, a lightweight barrier will make a world of difference to those neighbouring your site. Protecting others from the sound effects of your construction work will provide you with security and peace of mind throughout your project, as well as the added privacy from the opaque soft panels.

How To Choose A High-Quality Soundproofing Blanket

Now that we can see where sound blankets can be installed, and how diverse they are in their applications, let’s look at the differences in their construction and what makes an effective soundproofing blanket. Purchasing a soundproofing solution that is tailored to your needs is an important investment, which means knowing how it is made and what it is made of is critical for understanding whether or not it is suitable for your applications.

First and foremost, the quality of materials that are used in the construction of your sound blankets is the biggest factor for their success. With many manufacturers creating lightweight barriers that claim to insulate from sound and noise vibration, quite often their composition lacks the quality required for superior soundproofing. Working with a company that manufactures its own sound insulation panels is a sure sign that their products are made with patented technology, and their design is tailored specifically to the construction industry, therefore providing maximum sound protection and control.

Want To Know More?

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